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KOLOKIUM was first published in April 2013 in printed and online form published since 30 April 2018 by Department of Non Formal Education, Faculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Padang. KOLOKIUM equipped with ISSN (p): 2354-693X and ISSN (e): 2655-3163, published twice a year in April and October. KOLOKIUM contains articles from research and/or analytical-critical in the field non-formal education specifically adult education study, community education, training and development of human resources, counseling, and community development. The specification purpose is intended to explore, develop, and explain the knowledge of history, philosophy, principles, policies, designs, and technologies that are used and developed in non-formal education services. KOLOKIUM has a role and participates in efforts to support the preservation of scientific traditions derived from the theoretical study of researchers and the practical experience of education practitioners.


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